Our team at Mekbrand, product shoot and promotion agency in Pune,has not only worked with several commercial brands ranging from shoes, motorcycles, clothes, perfumes and home appliance to bring out an astonishing picture of their product for commercial ads that are placed on the web or internet and also used to put up in hoarding but also made sure that each and every client of us gets a suitable platform to promote their products on a wider scale.

Whenever we see a product in website or hoarding, we often do wonder what sort of steps it took to look such astonishing rather than the product we see in real. A product when launched by a company requires several hands among which is product photographer and the promoter. The task that lies with these photographers is to click such pictures which can attack consumer eyesight in one glimpse. But the work doesn't end with a good photography, suitable platform much be selected by the both agencies and the company for promotion so that probability of the profit from the product remains at a high rate.

So the marketing team along with the help of research team work on getting the efficient links or the promoters who are ready to launch our client’s product in a television or hoardings.