Advertisement can be said as an audio or visual form of marketing communication that allows an individual to promote or sell a product, service or an idea. An advertisement of may vary from an audio visual in a TV or in an internet to that of a poster which has been glued to a board in the rural or urban areas. It is true that Commercials Ads determines the popularity of a product, which also determines the loss or profit of a particular brand. So we at Mekbrand, Commercial ad agency in Punehad joined hands with many brands to provide them with a platform that will help in promoting their product on a wider scale. The main purpose ofan advertisement service is that it provides a costumer with Variety of choice of different product that will help in accomplishing a particular work of an individual in a much more convenient and safer way.

Example- Advertisement about thedifferent car and bikes for traveling, different electrical appliance and household goods from a tube bulb to furniture, different kind banks providing loans varying from life insurance to home loan or work loans. Once the ad is approved by the client, it is also sent to website designing team, to create a page of the product. The work in our company is completely handed over to an expert team who work on crafting a commercial ad, keeping in mind a sensible message from the product. Works that an Ads team begins with are selecting a proper location for the shoot which might be inside the studio or somewhere in theoutdoor area.

Next is working on getting the dashing and smart Mode who are suitable for the shoot. Now we, keeping in mind tries to highlight each and every idiosyncratic detail of the particular product, which makes it superior to the rest. Lastly, before releasing the video, video editing team works on sound recording, tuning and editing of the video.