As in this 21stcentury, a movie is no more entertainment just by a heart touching story or some sort of moral lines .As to meet the expectancy of the audience and to run the entertainment world, filmmakeris left out with no other choice rather than to add up more spice to a story i.e. a more actionable movie or a movie with contains a series of thethrilling scene.

But the real challenges lies in the issues that not all scenes can be performed in real for a movie, such as making a plane crash, blowing up of a building, action did above a moving train ( not even stunt mans can perform such scene) or screening of a scene from the outer terrestrial world. So to overcome such demanding work we at Mekbrand, 3D walk through acompany in Pune, decided to provide a helping hand to the movie director so that they can shoot such thrilling scene.

The work is handed over to the concerned team who are experts in making a 3D walk through graphics, along with the help of VFX software. The work demands a computer technician who can make a 3D world consisting of building, along with some landscape, moving people and vehicles. It basically turns a visual word into a realist experience.