We at Mekbrand, Movie promotion company in Puneknows the potentiality of promoting a movie after it has been shoot. So we have decided to provide a helping hand to a massive number of newly directors & producers who lacks behind into promoting their upcoming movie in the theater.

The marketing team makes sure that promotion goes on from commercial ads tohoarding in the streets and even making a link between commercial products along with the movie. Movie promotion has always been the last big task of a director, as it needs to be popular among the crowds before the release date of the movie

As the success of the movie is always interlinked with its promotion, it is also the duty of the actor and the actress to walk up to a gathering place for the popularity of the movie, such as colleges, private functions and sometimes even to reality shows. A mix tuning song, some eye-catching scenes or an astonishing dialogue, often helps in making a movie popular within the crowd. So we make the brand work in providing the necessity platform all the above mention requirements.